[PREMIERE] Tiny Narrative – desperate.

Officially releasing tomorrow, Tiny Narrative’s debut track ‘desperate’ is available for our listening pleasure below:

Formed remotely during the COVID-19 lockdown, Tiny Narrative are an alternative rock duo consisting of Harry Joseph of These Five Years and Joe Quigley of Penelope Tree. Inspired by the wave of creativity brought by artists during the height of the pandemic that operate entirely online and usually from home, the two started their journey as nothing more than a creative outlet – until it become it’s own entity now known as Tiny Narrative.

From first glance, Tiny Narrative is a simple concept. We have the simple designs and music video that’s very much black and white, literally. But ‘desperate’ goes much deeper than that. Being their debut track, self proclaimed electro-tinged pop rock, the duo have somehow covered all bases between themselves. The drive is brought by the drums and synth that, much like the video, seem to be duo-toned. An odd way to describe it maybe, but personally it feels like the synth is that glimmer of positivity while the drums add that heavier feeling you get inside your chest. And that meaning is portrayed in the video too, with contradicting statements written on paper between Harry and Joe, so overall, Tiny Narrative have done brilliantly in conveying their message not only visually, but through their music, too.

What’s charming about ‘desperate’ is it’s DIY style production. It features a rawness that we don’t quite get to see in the lads other projects, and along with the music video, brings them to life beyond their known creations. It feels very…. human. It’s not perfect, but as a debut track, Tiny Narrative show that they are relatable, passionate and as a duo, is a very establishing track to what will be an exciting project to follow.

‘desperate’ can be pre-saved now – https://linktr.ee/tiny.narrative

The track will be available across all major streaming platforms.

Words by Jessy Morgan.


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