[REVIEW] Weird Milk – Vienna / OUT NOW

Taken from their upcoming autumn EP, ‘We Are Strangers’, London alt-rockers released ‘Vienna’ this week. Others have reviewed it as nostalgic, as channelling the Beach Boys and indie-pop perfection, which is exactly what this is. ‘Vienna’ is a real beach track, and by that I mean trailing along the sand while the salt water brings out the wavy curls in your hair. I think we’ve just added another track on to our Summer playlists.

It’s a beautifully written track, to say the least. What’s charming about it, is it’s replication of the 70’s with a modern twist. Some people don’t grow out of their music, and others develop their favourites, which is what it feels like Weird Milk have done in their latest track. The appeal is there for quite literally everyone – it’s chill, catchy and suitable for various fans of different music. Another thing that’s clear to see is that ‘Vienna’ will draw in fans from abroad, simply down to it’s easy-going, charming nature – the way it moves like water brings that sense of a relaxation, like the weight of the world is falling from your shoulders.

For vocalist and guitarist Alex Griffiths, ‘Vienna’ is a personal release to him, explaining: “t was written at a moment in my life where I reached a crossroads and was totally stuck. A few amazing individuals, whom I likened to ‘angels’, swooped into my life to guide me in my time of need. They left their impressions on me, I chose my path and then they each flew away. I’m grateful to this day and though I am not spiritual or religious, it reshaped my perception of fate.”

‘Vienna’ is available now across all major streaming platforms.

Words by Jess Morgan.


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