Defences – False Gods (Single Review)

Defences are going from strength to strength, with their new music and even more so with, the addition of False Gods added to their impressive catalogue of songs. It has your typical melodic cleans alongside, aggressive but emotional screams. Which really set the mood for the whole song. This song is inspired primarily around the black lives’ movement, which has happened worldwide. Standing up for the injustice that happens in modern day world. Defences took a massive step forward for this song, compared to the rest of their catalogue. As I personally feel they’ve found their perfect sound, which could propel them into the mainstream spotlight. The clean vocals really set a very emotional tone, in the song. Which is definitely needed considering this song, has a lot going on behind the background to make it sound full. It gets me excited thinking how this song will sound live and I can’t wait to check it out!  

If you’re after a song that has melody but aggressive verses, then Defences will be one band, that you need to sink your teeth in. 


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