[REVIEW] Autumn Fires – Seventeen

Looking for true pop punk? That bouncy track to be the soundtrack of your summer? Look no further than the latest release from Autumn Fires, ‘Seventeen.’

The track wastes absolutely no time setting the scene – quick fire guitar riffs ricochet from buoyant drums brings this track to life. The bass adding a bounding layer of depth and a lead guitar track that moves the track through the motions. The charm of this track is it’s sunshine – and by that I mean it’s warming energy and the need to be listened loudly.

The five-piece from London feels like it’s made to be a teenage anthem, it has that upbeat intensity reflecting the high energy behind the instruments. Vocally, ‘Seventeen’ is perfect and it’s varying tones adds different emotions. We have the innocence, then heated and the determination. Overall, ‘Seventeen’ has been written, produced and executed perfectly – it’s a real representation of pop punk. It’s brought together all the elements of the popular genre and created something original, unique and all-round superb track that’s appealing and charming.

‘Seventeen’ is available now across all streaming platforms.

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Words by Jess Morgan.


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