Wage War – High Horse (Single Review)

Wage War back yet again! With another hard-hitting track titled ‘’High Horse’’. You can really tell its Wage War from the incredible tones and punch of their guitars. This is going back to the OG days of Blueprints and I am living for it! As you listen to the track you can hear the aggression but emotion, shown within the screams portrayed by Briton Bond.  

There’s everything you could need from Wage War in this track and more! The breakdowns are what really keeps me interested, as they have a subtle build up to it then it just drops. You can’t help but move your head like a crazy mad man. I can definitely see the crowd going absolutely mental, to this track and I and many other people can’t wait to see this song live.  

Wage War are one of the most impressive, metalcore bands to come out in today’s modern world. As they’ve constantly grown into something special, with each release and High Horse is definitely no different. This song specifically has evolved the sound of Wage War, into something more than just a metalcore band. It certainly feels massively weird, having no clean vocals in this track by Cody Quistad. But honestly this track didn’t need anything, as it’s packing a punch like a 10-ton train.  


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