[REVIEW] Beach Panic – Ice Cream Tambourine EP / OUT NOW

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know how to spell ‘tambourine’ before this EP fell into my lap. Did I need to know before this? No, Did I learn simply so I can search up this EP and have it added to my playlists? Hell yes.

Welcome to Beach Panic’s debut EP, ‘Ice Cream Tambourine.’ It’s a five-track long, beach party more than panic – unless you’re late to the party, then you’d be panicking. Kicking off with ‘Surfboard’ as the first track, I’m not too sure how many times I can say beach, if I’m honest. It features ambience of the waves and gulls just to really drive that summer release vibe before the bouncing 80’s sound pounds through the speakers. It’s got that fast beat guitar and low bass sounds as well as that driven drum beat. And, hey wait, is that Robert Smith? To really heighten that old-school rock, the vocals feature an echo nostalgic of the era. I don’t know if I’m in 2021 or an 80’s spring break?

‘Twist With Me’ is similar, except it isn’t. That’s a really weird statement to say, but you know it’s from the same EP and by the same band, but this time the bass is truly in the spotlight. Complimented by the bass drum, ‘Twist With Me’ stands out in showing the real appeal to a emphasised, funky bassline. I can already tell that this track is probably my favourite from the EP, for more reasons than just mentioned. It’s catchy – all I want to do is dance and before the song is out I’m singing the lyrics. The infectious nature of ‘Twist With Me’ isn’t lost just there though, third track ‘Kindred’ has it too. It’s a bit more of a slower track, deeper and heavier with a clean echo on the guitar. It’s sexy and mysterious, a real bite your lip and snarl your upper lip type of track. Kindred, baby, I think I’m falling for you…

The only negative I’d say about this EP is after the first intro, the following ones are the same which is a little tedious, but not enough to turn you off it. ‘Your Heart Is Wearing Gucci’ returns to that it’s predecessor’s sound, that bounding beach track. It’s sunlight and warm and Hawaiian. I do need that little reminder that it isn’t Robert Smith singing, but I’m sure happy about it. Imagine the lighter, happier side of The Cure! ‘Ice Cream Tambourine’ is the closest to that we’re ever going to get, and it’s an EP that shouldn’t be missed. That’s proven in the final track, ‘House Party’ (Oh, by the way, they dropped that intro in this song, so that’s a VERY strong start.) In a nutshell, this track is modern day Madness. Contrary to the rest of the EP, it’s dark lights, glow sticks and you bet that whatever house party this is being played at, is going to be one to remember.

Overall, ‘Ice Cream Tambourine’ has so many varying elements that works well together. It’s exciting, movement promoting and infectious. It’s appealing and charming and infectious. It shows the different sides that Beach Panic have – the deeper tones, the lighter tones, the “we’re making a party track and you’re going to like it” – because spoiler, you’re going to like it. If this is your first time listening to Beach Party like it was mine, I assure you that regardless of you’re genre preferences, you will remember the songs, you will want to dance, and you will enjoy the EP.

‘Ice Cream Tambourine’ is out now via all major streaming platforms.

Words by Jess Morgan.


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