[REVIEW] DRXW – i’m a sucker

Emo and trap trio, DRXW has now released their debut single, ‘i’m a sucker’ that shows exactly how modern the emo genre has become over the last few years. Long gone are the days of ‘Ohio is for Lovers’ by Hawthorne Heights, the slow, pounding tones that brought out our emotions in their rawest form. Leading up to 2021, we have seen the likes of Lil Peep and Sueco that took their emo-roots down the rap and hip-hop direction, but DRXW have done it differently. They’ve brought the modern twist with raw lyrics in the form of rhythmical rap, but kept true to their roots with hints of early 2010 alternative rock tones. It’s a very well-balanced track in terms of mixing of genres – even better that it’s more alt rock than rap too, rather than focusing heavily on the hip-hop style a lot of artists have leaned towards since the explosion of contemporary rap emo started.

Premiering their video on YouTube on Friday, DRXW released an official lyric video that you can now watch above.

Words by Jess Morgan.


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