[REVIEW] Penelope Tree – Keystone / OUT NOW

How this flew under my nose, I have no idea. But it is with great excitement that I can say that Penelope Tree released their new track yesterday that is available to stream right away across all major streaming platforms.

‘Keystone’ comes after 2019’s ‘At Times We Sat In Silence’ that tugged upon heartstrings in passionate song-writing and gut-wrenching lyrics. It was an emotional release that saw Penelope Tree at their most vulnerable, featuring real life experiences that was, and still is, relatable. They haven’t dropped this in ‘Keystone’, the intro is intimate, like a one on one discussion. The distinguished vocals that come with Penelope Tree feels familiar and warming, and the track moves into the main scene, we hear an upbeat instrumental that is new for the band. Now, don’t get me wrong, we’ve heard Penelope Tree feature heavier riffs in line with their genre and writing, as well as energetic bridges and breaks. But ‘Keystone’ features a movement in emotion between those first few lines and it’s main body. It isn’t the motions of one, but the progression into another, and the way it can go back and forth.

It features all the things that are key in Penelope Tree tracks. It’s got that break with a drawn out vocal note that takes you into a faster tempo; it’s got lyrics that are relatable and catchy and most of all, it’s got the tight chemistry between the band members that have achieved yet another solid track. So far, Penelope Tree have shown their development as a band and knack for song-writing, and with the introduction to ‘Keystone’ to their discography, it’s proof that the creativity and muse for writing their unique style is still thriving.

The track is available across all major streaming platforms now.

Words by Jess Morgan,


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