[REVIEW] Same Side – Density

Kevin Geyer , guitarist of The Story So Far and Elder Brother embarked on his own solo project titled Same Side releading its debut EP back in 2019. Being a compilation of tracks recorded four years prior, Same Side’s debut EP allowed Geyerto explore his own writing, and when released, brought to light just how talented and composed Geyer’s own solo music truly was.

Now, Same Side is set to release it’s new EP, ‘In Place’ on November 19th via Pure Noise Records. ‘Density’ is one of the tracks taken from the upcoming EP and it’s no less than perfect. It’s a lo-fi vibe featuring intricate calculations of instruments. What’s special about ‘Density’ is it’s delicacy – it’s got that tone that fills your body like it’s electricity. From one track, ‘In Place’ has set high expectations, to bring the same energy brought by ‘Density.’

Words by Jess Morgan.


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