Releasing this Friday, October 22nd, WSTR’s upcoming single is the perky, pick me up needed during the autumn months.

Featuring the same kind of energy WSTR fans have come to love, ‘Jobbo’ is their 2018 album, ‘Identity Crisis’ all grown up. The heavy drums accompanied by rooted bassline, ‘Jobbo’ is an epic revival to the bands discography following their – near enough – two year break from music. It’s a powerful track that will resonate with all the working bodies, because there’s no doubt we’ve all been in the same position saying ‘fuck Monday morning.’

WSTR’s charm has always been its accelerated pop-punk tones, and what this latest track has accomplished is that the energy behind the band is nowhere near burnt out. They’re able to create these endless stream of hyperactive riffs by utilising each instrument, without ever sounding like something we’ve heard before. ‘Jobbo’ is distinctively a WSTR song, however it’s a whole new experience listening to a heavy-hitting pop-punk track that feels relatable to someone my age at 28. My only issue? That the track artwork looks like it’s out of a 90’s Goosebumps episode.

What I can say about the release of ‘Jobbo,’ is that I hope there is more to come in the next couple of months that are similar in theme. After the success of ‘Identity Crisis,’ their next adventure is going to be an interesting release that feels as though it’s going to pull even more people into their fan base.

Words by Jess Morgan.



  1. Super excited for this single, can’t wait to see what they did with it. ATR was a fun song, hoping for something bit more unfiltered w this one, less pop.

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