Interview With Timo of Our Mirage

I am very fortunate to be able to chat to Timo of Our Mirage about some things concerning the band. Our Mirage are a melodic hardcore band from Germany. Check out the questions below!

Q) Where did your name Our Mirage originate from?

We were thinking about something that would sound mystical that would represent what the band stands for. A Mirage is not really there even though you can see it, but it gives hope and that’s what we wanna achieve with our music, giving hope to people who lost it all.

Q) What would you say is one of your favourite shows you’ve played?

I think we all agree that the craziest show was the warm up party for the Vainstream Rock Fest 2019. We really didn’t know what to expect to play in such a big venue and suddenly 1.500 people were singing our songs and were having fun to our music. That’s something we really like to talk about all the time in the band.

Q) If you got to pick a dream line up to tour with, who would it be?

I guess the coolest would be, Falling In Reverse, Wage War, I Prevail and we do the support!

Q) If there’s one bit of advice, you’d give to any band who wants to make it within the Metal scene what would it be?

Never lose your goal, even if there are things not working out perfectly all the time its nothing to worry about. Just get back up and come back again with the best you can possibly do. Be critical and ask yourself, is this really the best we can do?“ That’t how you get better by never being happy with what you do and pushing yourself to the limits.

Q) What would be your song you say to someone to check out who wants to be introduced to you guys?

I guess that would be our latest single „Through The Night“ it resembles a typical Our Mirage song that combined with the way out future songs will sound like.

Q) What would you say your favourite band you have toured with is?

We had the best times with our boys from the German Metalcore band, Callejon. We had great evenings but all the other bands we have toured with are also awesome and we can’t wait to play with them again.

Q) What would be your worst show you feel you’ve played?

In early 2018 we had a show in Essen, Germany where our drummer couldn’t make it so we got a backup drummer in time. But on the way to the show he had a car crash and couldn’t make it as well. So we drove back to the studio real quick and bounced out the drum stems to play with playback drums. So far so good until the laptop just fell down from the rack and everything stopped in the middle of our set. That was embarrassing and the moment we learned that we needed tape the laptop to the top of the rack.

Q) What’s your favourite local band from your area if there is one?

My favorite local bands are, Never Back Down, Avalanche Effect, Maelføy and Hostage. They are awesome and you should check them out!

Q) How long have you been doing vocals for and what made you start?

I am singing as a lead vocalist in bands since 2010 but I was already singing my whole life. I think that’s something that was just always there and with a little bit of practice over the last 15 years I became the singer I am today.

Q) How has Covid-19 affected the band?

Well surely we were sad that our tour and all the shows couldn’t happen but we used the time right, wrote songs and are on our next album. But I guess that’s exactly what most bands did in the past year. So you guys can expect new music from us for sure.

I would highly recommend everyone checking out the band on the links below!


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