Leprous – Aphelion (Album Review)

Leprous are a band hailing from Norway. Their blend of groove influenced heavily by operatic vocal hooks makes them, one of the most unique bands you could hear in modern day. 

Leprous are no strangers to creating an album that will make every part of you shiver, and this is no exception. The thing that really stands out the most for me is how clean the flow of the vocals, goes into soft and very groove influenced beats.  

Aphelion has everything you’d expect from Leprous. But I feel they’ve added something more into the mix because straight from the first listen I am hooked and have been humming every single melody in my head months after this album has been released. 

For me the song that stands out the most for me is ‘’Out Of Here’’ for the very synth build up into the song while the vocals layer another emotional level on top of it. You cannot find a song that tears on my heart strings more on this album than this song. The lyrics that tear me up are ‘’Forgetting how to breath, haven’t left this chamber for years’ 

Leprous are really a cut above the rest of the bands. As they’ve taken todays music and added very operatic and clean flows over the band which you honestly wouldn’t expect to go. If you’ve never heard of Leprous I highly recommend that you check them out and bask in their absolute catchiness.  


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