Until I Wake – Octane (Single Review)

Until I Wake are Fearless Records most recent signing. From that signing I have to say, now this band are going places. From past releases I have been a massive fan, but Octane have properly propelled my love for this band.  

They mould harsh vocal verses with some of the most melodic clean choruses, that make me hum the tune for days on end. I could easily have this song my only played song for the whole day and I still would never get bored of it. The band have really honed at their craft and stepped it up massively from their preview EP via Fearless Records which was called ‘’Until I Wake’. It had some of my favourite songs on it like Nightmares & Self Medicated until Octane come and beat it out of the spot!  

The music video for this single is very simple, but what matters the most is the song and I can safely say it’s their best release yet. I can’t wait to hear what new songs they come up with because if it’s anything like Octane then it’s going to be next level.  

The songs itself has some form of commercial aspects to it. I’d say if you’re a fan of Crown The Empire and Bad Omens then Until I Wake are the perfect band for you to sink your teeth into. 


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