Pridelands – Light Bends (Album Review)

Pridelands are what could only be described as perfection. I feel a very Thornhill vibe from them but they’ve made their music their own, with a very slow rhymical build up. Leading to some extremely well thought out choruses that I can’t stopping nodding my head and singing along to, at the top of my voice. 

The song that has stuck out to me the most on this release is The Walls as it’s everything I adore about this kind of music.  

Light Bends is an absolutely unreal album from start to finish with no filler tracks. If you’re after a thought-out album that brings some form of joy to your ears then this album is something you need to get deep into! Melodic choruses with some proper aggressive verses are the best way to describe this album and I am living for it!  

It’s no surprise that this band has been picked up by Sharptone Records because it’s just exactly what the label is about and more. I can see between the band and the label really propelling the band to new heights and I’m very excited for the journey this band will have in store for them. 

I would happily have to say this band have got a 9.5/10, as it showcases everything that I love the most in this genre!   


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