Go For Gold – Cope (Album Review)

Arkansas pop-punk outfit Go For Gold are back with their brand new album called Cope. What can I say other than it’s got the traits of the best pop punk beats and harmonies that you can find. Since 2021 the band have released 4 singles from the new album Cope, Step Out, At Home, Part 2, Bloom and Snow Angels all of which I have massively enjoyed.

Go For Gold are a band I have been following for quite some time, and it’s no surprise that this album is something special. I always connect to their music on a personal level as their music due to it being relatable to life events.

Go For Gold have been going from strength to strength since their first release, and I reckon this album will propel them to even bigger heights. I for one can’t wait to see the journey they embark on for this album cycle. 

Easily my favourite song on this record has to be Snow Angels, funnily enough it’s a song that I really connect with and get behind. I’ve had the melodies stuck in my head since they  have released this as a single. It’s got the real sing a long feel to the song which makes it more crowd friendly and pleasing too. It’s quite a soft song instrumentally but that is also another thing that can really bring the mood to the crowd. 

Go For Gold are back with a killer new album and you’d be a fool to not check it out!

Score 9/10


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