Until I Wake – Inside My Head (Single Review)

Fearless Records own Until I Wake are back with yet another incredible track, titled ‘’Inside My Head’’. This track showcases more clean vocals from Cody Jamison, as well as his harsh vocals towards the end of the track. Which personally for me is the best part of the song as it just makes me go mental! 

This track has everything you could ever want from clean melodic choruses to a soaring heavy breakdown that just gets you off your seat whether you realise it or not!  

Until I Wake’s previous single Octane was incredible but they’ve yet again stepped it up a notch, with this new track. I for one can’t wait to see how far this band grows, as they deserve to be a worldwide touring band.  

The lyrics in this track that resonate with me on a personal level are ‘’one by one, your words have torn me up, I hear them ringing inside my head’’. Until I Wake are the perfect definition of the new age of metalcore. 

For fans of – The Word Alive, Secrets, Crown The Empire & A Skylit Drive, 

Score – 9 out of 10 


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