[LIVE] Head Noise @ The Moon, Cardiff

The usual Sunday shenanigans usually involve being pretty chill, maybe a couple chores and enjoying some much needed downtime. But, for the first time in a long time, I decided to venture out into Cardiff city centre, head down Womanby Street (which is quite frankly, the heart of Cardiff’s music scene) and into The Moon. Six pounds on the door for entry and what I was met with was, interesting to say the least. 

I have listened to many different genres of music before, ranging from the heaviest black metal to ambience fit for royalty. I have attended raves, concerts and comedy shows. What The Moon had in store for me on this particular Sunday was ethereal to say the least. 

Firstly, each act of the evening offered their own specialised aura ranging from psychedelic expulsion to 8bit madness. Starting the show with Jambles, The Moon starts to warp into some futuristic Time Machine. We are no longer on Earth, but instead catapulted into a distant universe where communications are made through binary code alone. Linus Fitness-Centre brings a different kind of life, opting for the floor rather than stage. Wired up and ready to go, their presence within the crowd is noted by moving bodies and applause. And then, out of nowhere, Atomic Superman. The final support act of the night was the most familiar to me, using 8bit clips from games such as The Legend Of Zelda and Sonic The Hedgehog. It was probably the closest to Earth I had felt since the music started playing.  

Head Noise, our main act of tonight, takes the stage in full gear. Hawaiian shirts, cowboy hats and sunglasses. Feet firmly on the ground, I cannot depict what year I’m in, what world I’m in or if I’m about to be taken home via flying taxi or horse and carriage. Covering Timbuk 3’s ‘The Future’s So Bright,’ I can feel myself involuntarily smiling at the enthusiastic and energetic performance. They are captivating, electrifying the crowd with booming bass topped by fascinating synth. 

Promoting their latest release – which happens to be on tape so unless you’ve got your parents old boomboxes, good luck listening to it – Head Noise dominates their stage. In fact, the stage is too small to contain their larger than life performance. It’s not until the faux-stuffed yellow and black Metric Squid appears do I fully realise what’s going on, and it hits like a ton of bricks. Head Noise are producing music out of passion and excitement, climbing stages simply to have fun and let loose together as a group of friends. They are lively, fun and chaotic wrapped together in a bow made up of electrical wires. 

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