[REVIEW] The Dahmers – Creepiest Creep EP / Out Now via Lovely Records

Swedish rock and roll band, The Dahmers, take huge influence from garage pink, classic rock and 60’s pop – cultivating a sound that would appeal to the fans of bands such as Against Me!, Creeper and Misfits. Having their music described as a ‘Frankenstein’s monster’, The Dahmers bring a fresh take on the vast genre with catchy tunes replicating that of old-school punk and modern pop punk. Aesthetically, the band take inspiration from classic horror movies which migrates in their lyrical genius. Their latest EP, Creepiest Creep, takes their music with hints of frustration, solitude and alienation, all the while portrayed in a wonderfully mixed and well-thought chemistry of instruments.

Released in April via Lovely Records, Creepiest Creep is the bands next instalment of success since their release of Demon on Farsot Records In 2014, which later got international release from their current record label. Leading track, ‘Creepiest Creep’ has a nostalgic, old-school feel with prominent riffs and booming drum and bass lines that bounce off each other to give the track such a weighted feeling. It’s a track of twists and turns, all the while holding a classic sense of rock and roll from the 60’s. The Dahmers bring a fresh new take on a nostalgic sound, and prove that they are a band that will continue to grow, and title track, ‘Creepiest Creep’ is a track that will no doubt follow them through their career as one of their best tracks to date. This mastered four-track EP shows their fluctuating influences, with ‘Reoccuring Dreams’ taking a heavier tone reflecting upon their punk undertones and origins. It’s a short track, but nonetheless ostentatious in sound, really pushing their boundaries in an energetic flurry. It continues into third track, ‘Without A Face,’ although The Dahmers bring in melodic guitar riffs to move the track along. The bass and drums deserves the biggest applause on this EP, giving the track such huge girth in it’s entirety. Vocally, The Dahmers are similar to current big-hit band, Creeper, and with final song ‘Kiss Of Dario,’ that statement becomes solidified. With fluent riffs to move the track through it’s stanza’s, ‘Kiss Of Dario’ moves in it’s cultivations, with their punk and rock roots shining through in different stages. The heavy tones mix wonderfully with their rock and roll guitar, and overall, Creepiest Creep is an outstanding upcoming EP, worthy of being EP of the year in their sub-genre.

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