Like Ghosts – Iris (Single Review)

Like Ghosts are one of the bands I just can’t stop listening to, but I always worry when bands have guest features because I don’t know if they’ll keep their trademark sound. However, Like Ghost with their new single ‘’Iris’’ have stepped it up massively. Having Kellin Quinn guest on this song specifically shows you that this band, are here to stay by having a vocalist of his stature on this track! 

Iris is a signature Like Ghosts sound while also bringing something new to the table. The soaring chorus really makes sure that you’re humming the melody for the next few hours. This song I can believe the crowd would go absolutely mental too as well! 

Like Ghosts having been going from strength to strength with every release and this song is no exception to their ever-growing catalogue of certified bangers!  

The lyrics at the start of this track ‘’So let me love you endlessly, or at least you’ll say you’ll let me try, cause you can feel the empty space, I tried so hard to occupy’’ really sings to me and I feel super connected to the song from start to finish. 

Score – 8 out of 10 


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