“Sing me to sleep, I’m tired and I want to go to bed.”

I’ve come to accept that no matter how much sleep I get, nor how late my classes start, I am ALWAYS going to be tired for university… And im only in my first year.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy university. Its a great experience and I’ve met so many great people and learned interesting things, but since my school days, I seem to have gotten dramatically worse in the morning. I’m not lying when I say that when my mother would wake me up in the morning for school, she would avoid me like I was some sort of plague. I would grunt, scowl and bite her head off for simply asking how many sugars I’d want in my tea. I’ve got to give it to my mam, she’s put up with me for so many years with just few of ten mental breakdowns. I bought her one of those JML Magic Mats for her birthday, just to show my appreciation for the woman.

Anyway, now that my mam doesn’t wake me up in the mornings, I either rely on my alarm (that I – pretty much always – press the dismiss button instead of the snooze. Accidently, I swear!) or my sweet boyfriend to wake me up in the morning. Poor guy. I cant help but feel sorry on him; he says nice things, calls me beautiful and spends the majority of his time in my company. I know he questions his sanity when he looks over at his University girlfriend in the morning, with approximately a pint of dribble covering my face and pillow, my hair looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards and sounding like I’m a grumble of pugs laying on their backs. (if you don’t know what that sounds like, imagine a group of wookies having an intense argument.)

I always say to myself “hey, tonight im going to get an early night and wake up feeling refreshed!” but that never actually works, and its about time I start to accept my fate of being tired for the rest of my life. I have too many games to play; too many pokemon to catch, too many versions of Zeldas lullaby to play on the ocarina and too many potions to consume to regain HP. How can I get any sleep with the fate of Hyrule in my hands? I have to stop Team Rocket! I need to stop Ganon!

Sigh, I think its about time I make people sign a disclaimer before they willingly spend a night with me, knowing I wake up as if I was Darth Vadar after a night of too much tequila.


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