Penelope Tree “The Scenes You Create” Review

PT Black and White (1)

Bands such as Real Friends, Modern Baseball and Boston Manor have recently mixed emo with pop punk, bringing sad boys into fashion and lunging us back into 2002 where a different generation of emo was thriving, and everyone quoted Taking Back Sunday in their personal messages. Taking their chances in the field of modern day emo, Penelope Tree are an asset to any playlists featuring bands from The Story So Far, Microwave and The Wonder Years.


Forming in 2015 in the city of Buckinghamshire, Penelope Tree have fearlessly put their thoughts and emotions on the line for their music. Released in 2016, The Scenes You Create arrived on the music scene at the right time to make maximum impact. It’s a four track EP, featuring some real worthy anthems such as “A Night Like This,” and “Restless.” It’s a lyrically beautiful EP, and has talent being shown musically, lyrically and chemically. The band works well together, with each instrument adding a certain element to make it special. The vocals are charming, pulling on your emotions throughout.

The first track, “The Way You Fall Asleep,” is a perfect example of the musical talent that the guys behind the sound of Penelope Tree have. The sound of the guitar, overlapped by the vocals is somewhat laid-back and relaxing, with the kick coming from the crashing of the drums. There’s every bit of relatability in The Scenes You Create, and it feels like the mature voice in a crowded room of pop-punkers. Penelope Tree work tirelessly, interacting with fans as much as they possibly can, putting on shows and making sure that everyone’s straight up having a good time. They show a copious amount of dedication, and The Scenes You Create is a perfect example of what they’ve already achieved, and an exciting stepping stone to what’s next.

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