Here’s The Albums That Made Summer Special

Even though the winter never truly leaves the UK with our unpredictable downfalls on even the hottest of days, the end of summer is upon us with everyone heading back to school, college, university. Or, if you’re like me and just work full time, it’s fair to say that the slighter happier atmosphere that came with working during the summer is vanishing before our eyes. Some may enjoy the peace and quiet that might come with the obvious lack of kids swarming town centers, but it’ll only take a matter of weeks for us all to be wishing for those summer vibes again. But this summer really did give us some treats within the music world, and it’s those treats that will keep us warm when the days are chilly. So, here’s some of the best releases that set us up for a great summer:

1200x630bb1.Neck Deep “The Peace and The Panic”

Neck Deep gained massive praise for their most recent release, The Peace and The Panic and what summer pop-punk list wouldn’t be complete without it? Of course, there was the generic divide between fans at release, some arguing that it’s “too radio friendly” and other’s praising the boys for taking their music further. If anything, TPATP is more radio friendly, and it’s a gateway to hearing more pop-punk in everyday life, and what’s so bad about that? Promoting the new release, Neck Deep have also taken to the road to not only put together a TPATP tour, but doing meet and greets with acoustic shows leading up to it. I suppose they’re kind of like marmite, but there’s at least one song on that album that will get you going.

silverstein_dead_reflection2. Silverstein “Dead Reflection”

Before this release, it had been awhile since anyone had spoken the name Silverstein, unless of course, you’re a huge fan. Quietly creeping in the backstage area of the alternative emo generation, Silverstein finally announced not only a tour, but released a new album to go with it. Why is this so special? Well, because Silverstein represent a huge part of our childhoods and teenage years, whether or not we like to admit it. Back in the day when CD’s and iMesh were a thing, almost everyone that indulged in the early alternative lifestyle had ‘My Heroine’ on blast at some point. Dead Reflection is a reminder of those times, and a portal back to the side fringe.

wolvesriseagainst3. Rise Against “Wolves”

Rise Against have been huge within the scene for years, dating back to 2001 with The Unraveling that brought us the anarchist sound of ‘The Art Of Losing.’ They’ve gone through the years sending out tune after tune, placing in charts with songs such as ‘Prayer Of The Refugee’ and ‘Re-Education Through Labour,’ turning Rise Against into one of the biggest names in music. I think it’s hard for this band to do anything wrong, since Wolves is another massive hit collection of songs to add to their growing discography. At the end of this year, Rise Against are finally back in the UK to bring their revolution into our hearts once again.

science-fiction-brand-new-album-art-2017-billboard-12404. Brand New “Science Fiction”

Science Fiction dropped unexpectedly, and sent everyone into a frenzy of “what the ?!@# just happened?” when all of a sudden Brand New album artwork starts circulating and some people have somehow gotten their hands on a limited edition vinyl along with a preorder. It was a beautiful day, watching the reactions of many as slowly, everybody started getting their hands on the music that they thought they were going to be waiting another few years for. All in all, it’s probably what a lot of people would consider to be their highlight of summer, and there’s nothing quite like being reminded of that excitement every time you have a listen.

a2994278168_105. Sorority Noise “You’re Not As ___ As You Think”

Okay, so it probably wasn’t until this years Slam Dunk that somewhat obscure emos Sorority Noise made their way into our playlists, but with the release of You’re Not As ___ As You Think,  the band have really pushed their way further into the industry. The album consulting raw emotion gained nothing but high praise, and summer wouldn’t be entirely complete without some sad song that’s a little raw around the edges and upbeat tones laced through instruments. One of the stand out songs, ‘A Portrait Of’ is pretty much the adventure of a long car ride on a sunny day with the window cracked open and the wind blowing through your hair, in a song.


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