[REVIEW] The Stayawakes – Pop Dreamz

One of the charming things about The Stayawakes are their nostalgic throwback to the early noughties, scrolling through MySpace band pages until you stumble across a track that really sticks in your head. You’d probably tell all your friends about them, comment on their pictures, message them to say you’re a big fan and stick them in this weeks top 6. Releasing their second album, Pop Dreamz tomorrow, The Stayawakes are the hindsight view of what Lit would have been if they continued making music. Featured track, ‘Lovestruck’ that released earlier this month, not only shows their definitive influence of the early noughties in it’s music, but also in the style of music video released alongside.

Featuring eleven tracks, Pop Dreamz toy with various melodies, offering that oh-so-nostalgic sound with a sense of urgent delivery of a modern pop punk world. Kicking off with the first track, Wendi sets the tone of the album immediately, delivering a fantastic display of guitar work. If there is one thing that’s obviously clear from this album, it’s that The Stayawakes are able to create an incredibly anthemic chorus for their tracks – it’s almost like The Stayawakes purposefully created a summer road-trip anthem as I can quite clearly picture myself sitting in the passengers side seat of a car, sunglasses on and the windows rolled down.

While the album seems to focus on the pop side of the pop punk genre, they subtly toy with the melancholic tones in areas. ‘Every Word But Please’ demonstrates this, slowing the tempo with softer tones before The Stayawakes move into their catchy chorus once again. Pop Dreamz has a variety of things on offer, but the guitar absolutely caught my intention from the first track to the last. It really drives each track, offering a different kind of aura in it’s tones and solos. It’s like the instruments are thrown into the modern music scene through the sound and deliverance of the guitar, which really adds that wow-factor to the album. Displaying a talent for high energy and spot on harmonics, The Stayawakes are yet again showing their dedication, determination and passion for their work and their music.

Pop Dreamz will be released tomorrow. You can keep updated with the band via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In the meantime, check out The Stayawakes previous album Dogs and Cats / Living Together:


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