Khabal – The Divine Deception (Album Review)

I feel the best way to describe how this album sounds, is as if Thy Art Is Murder and early days of Whitechapel had a baby. 

Every song on this album is different in its own way while packing an almighty punch. Which makes me think people could easily die, watching some of these songs played live! Every song on this album has them punchy drops, which I adore and miss from mostly every new band. So I commend Khabal for giving me exactly what I have missed in this music! 

For me my favourite tracks off this album is The Divine (The Object Of Desire) as it just packs that punch, which makes me want to lose my mind. It makes me just run around a venue starting an almighty mosh pit! Another special mention to the vocal range, that is portrayed in this album as a whole. As it’s not an easy feat to go from low gutturals, to high pitch with such precision and ease like that is shown in this album! 

You can stream the album below from Youtube!

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