Youth In Revolt – KMS (Single Review)

When you think Youth In Revolt, they couldn’t get any better but then they dropped KMS and you have to hold back the happiness. This band has come back out with their best song yet and I believe that this will make the band grow to new heights and I can’t wait to be a part of their journey. 

What you get is aggressive but melodic guitar and punchy drums, which is all gelled together by some unreal clean vocals. Which show proper emotion and alongside some very aggressive screams in the song that helps build the atmosphere in every verse. It just gets me headbanging across my room while having a little mosh on my own. 

Youth In Revolt have never released a bad song and this is definitely no exception to their perfect releases. I have personally been so excited for this release and it certainly has not disappointed me in any way possible!  

The lyrics ‘So what’s it feel like to watch me crash and burn’ makes me think of some situations I could have used it for and that’s why for me this song is so personal! 


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