Some Heard Trouble – Death In The Afternoon (Video Premiere)

Charismatic Melbourne post hardcore outfit, Some Heard Trouble, release chaotic new single “Death In The Afternoon” just in time for their East Coast Australian tour supporting Proposal, kicking off next week.

“Death In The Afternoon”, is a manic, fast paced offering from Some Heard Trouble recorded, mixed and mastered by Callan Orr (Dream On, Dreamer, Bad Juju, alt.). At its core the explosive new single is about the importance of taking care of mental health.

Lyrically taking theme from the perspective of vocalist Cameron Brown, the single deals with the pressures of turning to alcohol in an effort to encourage social capacity and ultimately burning out, taking a toll on ones mental health.

What inspired the music video?  

Cameron Brown [heavy vocals]: The idea for the video spans from years of watching the Eric Andre show and others alike. We wanted to have some fun and let off a little steam so we teamed up with John from Drastic Park to pull this idea together. He’s a genius! 

2. What was the process like working with producer Callan Orr?  

CB: Callan was someone we all knew from Dream on Dreamer growing up, it was great getting to nerd out and ask him tour stories and about records he produced! I think this is the 4th time we have worked with him and there is always something to learn. Couldn’t say better things about the guy (plus he’s also easy on the eyes haha).

 3. What does the track mean to you? Where did it come from and what is the story behind it?  CB: Thematically it deals with a darker experience that I dealt with being put on medication due to a misdiagnosis, to balance it out I was drinking more to be social. After a few months the issue was resolved but it took a toll on my mental health.  I wouldn’t have gotten through it without the band. It gave me something to focus on, friends to talk to and somewhere to vent my emotions.   

 4. What does the future hold for Some Heard Trouble? Any more releases or shows in the works?  

CB: We are excited to get on the road with Proposal this April! It’s been too long and those guys are sweet hearts… Also new music and a few surprises are not far off so stay tuned!

The line up consists of Cameron Brown (vocals), Jarrad Ferrier (lead guitar/vocals), Jimmy Cassol (drums) and Josh Thomas (bass).

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